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About Diavolo – Architecture in Motion

DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion® uses dance to explore the relationship between the human body and its architectural environment.  Artistic Director Jacques Heim steers DIAVOLO’s diverse team of dancers, designers, choreographers and engineers to create visceral and awe-inspiring works that reveal how we are affected emotionally, physically and socially by the spaces we inhabit.  Meticulously designed bespoke architectural structures serve as the central inspiration for each work, activated by the stylistically varied and intensely physical choreography which has become the hallmark of this truly original company throughout its rich 25 year history.  Through The DIAVOLO Institute the company also provides educational and outreach opportunities to people of all ages and abilities while touring internationally and at home in Los Angeles, sharing the pioneering art form and the power of dance as a means of social impact.

The European touring program for 2018-19 will be composed of L.O.S.T (Losing One’s Self Temporarely) a two pieces performance, Cubicle and Passengers.
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About L.O.S.T.

Throughout the course of our lives, we lose ourselves; mentally, physically and emotionally. When we experience this loss, though temporary, we also experience our capacity to recognize and rise to the challenge of adapting and reshaping who we are in every moment. The constant teetering balance between vulnerability and control is the most natural process of the human experience and is the inspirational center for the collection L.O.S.T. An exploration of what both divides and unites, this series is an abstract study of our transient reality as we traverse through our daily lives and our daily work.

Part 1, Cubicle (2015)

Set in an abstract corporate America, Cubicle explores the human condition under cramped control and a monotonous reality, exposing an underlying counterbalance between freedom and anarchy in the workplace. Anonymity and confinement set the pace in this corporate sea of grey as we witness a multitude of shifting landscapes as abstract representations of a familiar work environment. Boxing in both their sanity and distinctiveness, we witness the struggle to maintain a sense of individuality on the corporate climb as the performers labor against a homogenized work mentality, finding solidarity only within themselves and each other.

Co-commissioned by the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, St. Paul, MN and the Des Moines Center for the Performing Arts, Des Moines, IA with additional support provided by Syracuse University.

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Part 2, Passengers (2016)

Passengers is a mind trip. It is a piece about people caught in the wild loop of their shifting states of mind. Their journey through consciousness is a metaphoric embodiment of the challenges, obstacles and adversity we all face in our waking reality. Their unrelenting search for “identity” and self” is a powerful reminder that we are merely Passengers on this vehicle called Life.

Co-commissioned by the Vladimir and Araxia Buckhantz Foundation, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, St. Paul, MN, Valley Performing Arts Center, Northridge, CA, and Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, Livermore, CA. Additional support provided by the Ahmanson Foundation and The Scrooby Foundation. Benefactors: Mary Ellen Stuart, Ellen Pansky, Bill Hranchak, Nick Erickson, Meegan Godfrey.

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