Vincent Messager touring agent

Vincent Messager cirque

Short version:

In my 20’s, I was a not so good juggler, but good at booking my shows. It didn’t took long I made a choice. That’s how it started !

Long and serious version:

Vincent Messager has been working in the field of arts performance touring and marketing for the last 28 years in circus touring, music and contemporary dance. He has collaborated with Cirque Éloize (Canada) for more than 12 years on international tour development and was for 8 years director of the Special Events department where he produced more that 700 performances throughout the world. He created Dolce Vita Spectacles in 2007 to respond to a  lack of independant touring agents for smaller Quebec circus companies.

Further than his experience as a circus touring agent, he has been teaching “career management” to the graduates of the Montreal National Circus School since 2013. He is regularly invited to give workshops in international development and arts marketing for many artists associations in Canada and abroad to organisations as En Piste (Canada), CINARS, ACT (France) and Circo Connection (Hungary). Vincent is also member of the board of CAPACOA in Canada