Meet the GoldenCrust Family:

Grace and her boyfriend Kevin who are freshly returned from their trip to Florida, and they’re setting up in your city. The GoldenCrust Family is a theatrical production focusing on circus arts and physical comedy with a heavy dose of cheesyness.

These snowbirds from Québec have unusual talents. They invite spectators to gather around their RV for an exceptional circus comedy show. They have prepared and ameliorated their selection of the best moments of the great production Above the Sea and beyond. Because some of the pyrotechnics effects, the technicians and the dancers are missing Grace and Kevin will have to find many tips.

The project reaches a strong desire of accessibility. It’s is self-sufficient, we travel with a colorful RV that serves has the set of the show, housing for the artists, dressing room etc.We only need an access to electricity and help for the set up and tare down. Since summer 2020 we performed in various places, public parcs, theater parkings, school yards, festivals all around Québec in cities and small villages. The show as been created to reach audiences of all ages. Venues who host us either install chairs or invite the audience members to bring their own camping chairs or a towel to sit. That follow the spirit of Florida.

Exterior show for all the family, duration 60 minutes. Video in French with English sub-titles

About Les 2 de Pique

A couple on and off the stage, Tamara Bousquet and Philippe Trépanier have been performing and creating circus shows for some of the largest companies in the world for more than 15 years. You may have seen them on stage with Cirque du Soleil, The Seven Fingers, GOP Variety Theatre (Germany), and or with Palazzo (Germany/Austria).

The GoldenCrust Family camping in your neighbourhood! Was created in July and August, 2020 with the support of the CALQ and the CAM. Les Deux de Pique have two other original full length productions in their repertory : “Clip!“ A solo show starring Philippe Trépanier – performed more than 250 times throughout Canada and internationally, and as a duo they perform the show “Trattoria“, created  with the support of the CALQ and the CAM. A tour through the province of Quebec has started in 2021.


Les 2 de Pique official website

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