Meet the GoldenCrust family, made up of Kevin & Grace Bacon-GoldenCrust. These snowbirds are an odd couple with unusual talents.

Sometime in the last decade, on their way to Las Vegas to pursue a career, the GoldenCrust Family “dumped” their trailer in Sarasota, Florida, America’s capital of traditional circus and show business, and they’ve been spending every winter there ever since.

Their career is rich. In fact, they perform in front of thousands of Quebecers on the stages of the most beautiful campgrounds and shopping malls in Florida. They may not be the smartest, but they are among the brightest people you will meet this summer on the roads of Quebec. Scintillating would be a more accurate term to describe their look and the kitschy decorations they carry in their trailers: pink flamingos, lanterns, garden gnomes and tasteful statues.

These endearing snowbirds have generously accepted to share with the passers-by and spectators of the neighborhood all the activities that furnish their daily life.

A little yoga in the morning, then they maintain their beautiful plastic patio. Between a load of laundry and a hot dog BBQ, they perform a circus show from their vast repertoire. Like everyone else, or not, they wash their groceries and make a splash in their mini-pool. They clean their patch of asphalt and make cotton masks. At cocktail hour, they play some music and do some karaoke in which the citizens of the neighborhood are invited to participate. In the evening, they talk to their friends and family and project photos of their travels on the trailer, recalling exquisite stories to the delight of all. All this with their own absurd touch.

An artistic clowning event for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest: there is something for everyone. The Deux de Pique simply need a place to park their vehicle and set up their play area for a day or two, with access to water and electricity. A park or a public square, which the locals will never see with the same eyes after their visit!

The GoldenCrust Family is a nice nod to the voyeuristic society that loves reality TV. COVID-19 is the world turned upside down; while we have to watch circus shows on TV, a “reality show” takes place in the flesh, in the neighborhood. The circus tents that we can’t go to right now are always accompanied by caravan life. If we can’t gather in a big top right now we can always gather around a trailer!