Acrobatic piece for an apartment

Se prendre is an essay on our intimate relationships, on the complexity of our attachments and distances, on the understanding of our bodies and our minds. We are inspired by this negotiation between ourselves and the Other in the  storm of  our identity crises.

Driven by the challenge of meeting, we enter the precarious cathedral of simultaneous existences, that complement, support, and confront each other.

The acrobatic language speaks to this balance, this rebuffing of our fragile and lonely condition. Responsibility and risk are shared. Harmony is a suite of imbalances overhauled. It’s an intimate path, a rocky land strewn with pitfalls, tremors, work and grace. We sail without definitive answers in long conversations, in risky quests.

Intimacy being a key factor of our research, we stage our piece in extreme proximity, inviting the viewer to join us in an atypical space of performance: an apartment.

Creators and performers: Claudel  Doucet and Cooper Smith

Dramaturge: Félix-Antoine Boutin

Space designer: Étienne René-Contant

Se prendre would like to thank for their support:
Le Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec, Le Conseil des Arts du Canada, Le Conseil des Arts de Montréal

La Cie du Poivre Rose (co-production),  La Grainerie (residency), Rosalie Ducharme (residency),  James Tanabe (residency)

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Claudel Doucet

Claudel’s creative approach is immersed in interdisciplinarity. She collaborates as a director and dramaturge at the National Circus School of Montréal and with various partners among which Zip Zap Academy (Cape Town) and Uniarts (Stockholm).

She co-founded Cie du Poivre Rose (Brussels). In march 2017, she created QUE NOUS SOYONS, a site specific project produced by The 7 Fingers and LA SERRE – arts vivants. A graduate of the National Circus School (Montreal, 2004),

Claudel was once a contortionist and aerialist for Cirque du Soleil, numerous cabaret productions (GOP Varietes, Chämaleon), and toured with Circus Monti in Switzerland.

Tour dates:

May 25- 28 – OFFTA – Montréal (complet)