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Clip – Les Deux de Pique

Philip is an employee in a  theatre where there will be a major international conference. While preparing the stage for this event, despite many blunders and incidents of all kinds, he is constantly distracted from his task, attracted by the only thing that interests him: playing. Playing  in a theater, playing at beeing a guest speaker, playing with a diabolo, playing the video producer; for the fun of playing.

Will someone finally discover his many talents ?  Hopefully!



Philippe Trépanier is a circus artist and graduate of the notorious Montreal National Circus School in 2003. After several years touring with the equestrian show Cavalia as a hand-to-hand acrobat, he decided to reorient his career towards the art of clowning which he has been practicing for several years.  From 2007 to 2010, he has been invited to numerous cabarets in Germany and festivals throughout the world. In 2011, he joined Cirque du Soleil on Zarkana in New York City.

Philippe created with is life partner Tamara Bousquet, the Les Deux de Pique Company. Together, they created the show Trattoria and the exterior show The Goldencrust Family


The director

Yves Dagenais, actor, director and clown (under the name of Omer Veilleux), has traveled the world for more than 20 years with his solo shows, and is mostly known for his 16 years of performing in the acclaimed children’s play Story of Teeka , by the Théâtre Des Deux Mondes. He teaches clowning at the National Circus School of Canada, and at the École de l’humour, and Comic Construction for the playrights program, at the National Theatre School of Canada.

Yves Dagenais is the founder and director of the Clown Art Research Centre in Montreal.

Clip 5 min teaser from Vincent Messager on Vimeo.