Category: Modern Dance

Compagnie Chimère – NYX

Wrapped by a scenic night, through “a management of darkness”, Johanne Madore unveils a dreamlike and chimerical universe. She recounts her childhood memories of a vast dark place, the ‘hold’ of the family store, the warehouse where large folds, fabrics, skins and furs were piled up. In a case of mechanical clatter of time, hands slip in and weave materials and dreams; hieratic and erotic bodies, like new chimeras offered in the drapes of NYX, mother of Eros, float metamorphosing between the chrysalis walls of a giant nocturnal maze flower.

Johanne Madore, an interdisciplinary canadian artist, explores the body’s sensitive interrelationships with matter, in search of new forms of mixed practices and stage aesthetics. Performer, choreographer, director and stage director and artistic advisor, she has toured the globe with Carbone 14, Ex Machina, O Vertigo Danse, 4D Arts, Le Cirque Éloize and l’École Nationale de Cirque (Montreal). She has formed multiple waves of the next generation by undertaking a cycle of circus creations that she is pursuing by collaborating with visual artist Pierre Przysiezniak for his new proposal “NYX”: a singular organic universe in which dance and acrobatic gesture are richly hybridized.


  • Concept and directing : Johanne Madore
  • Choregraphies : Johanne Madore in collaboration with the performers
  • Performers : Arthur Morel Van-Hyfte, Guillaume Paquin, Eliza Gélinas-Lance, Andrei Anissimov, Pauline Gervais
  • Music : Claude Fradette in collaboration with Pierre Przysiezniak
  • Sound design : Eric Forget
  • Conception and scenographic creation : Pierre Przysiezniak
  • Design and creation of acrobatic apparatus : Pierre Przysiezniak
  • Rigging conception : Sébastien Robillard
  • Production assistant: Tanya Burka
  • Light design : Stéphane Ménigot
  • Technical direction : Rodolfe St-Arneault
  • Costumes: Johanne Madore

• Other credits

  • Producers and coproducers : Johanne Madore – Diagramme Gestion Culturelle, Agora de la danse
  • Grants and support : CALQ, CAC, Diagramme Gestion Culturelle, Salle Désilets
  • Creation residencies : Agora de la danse, Salle Désilets, Studio de création de la Tohu, Maison de la Culture Mercier