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Lost Sons ? – La Tourbière

Can a fatherless actor become anything other than a clown? Of course he can. But for René Bazinet and David-Alexandre Després, two artists with incomparable physical skills, the answer to this existential question is not that obvious! Locked up in an imaginary prison, they relive, like an exorcism, a tragicomic fairy tale, both facing their pain of abandonment and desire to please.  With a nod to the psycho-pop cult book Absent fathers, lost sons by Guy Corneau, the show magnifies the weight of the clown instinct in facing the burden of the absent father, constantly moving in its tone between loving tribute and retaliation.

A word from the author and director

The magic and the strength of the show relies mainly on the meeting of the amazing abilities and savoir-faire of its two performers. World-reknowned clown-actors René Bazinet (school Jacques Lecoq, Saltimbanco) and David-Alexandre Després (Conservatoire de Montréal, Kurios, Drawn to life), at the top of their art, incarnate these «lost sons» with breathtaking virtuosity and complicity.


Technical specs

Duration : 70 minutes without intermission.

The show is aimed at an adult audience, but without explicit violence or sexuality.

The stage dimensions have to be minimally :

28 feet wide, including a clearance of 2 feet on each side for side lighting

16 feet deep

11 feet high



Compagnie La Tourbière

La Tourbière’s mission is to create intimate and revolutionnary shows. Through its fifth opus, La Tourbière pursues its exploration of popular myths through hybrid artistic practices.

Crédits photos: Patrice Lamoureux

Équipe de création

Production : La Tourbière

Texte et mise en scène: J-F Nadeau

Traduction : Brett Watson

Interprétation : René Bazinet et David-Alexandre Després

Voix : Hubert Fielden

Assistance et régie : Amélie-Claude Riopel

Décor et accessoires : Clélia Brissaud

Costumes et maquillages : Linda Brunelle

Éclairages : Mathieu Roy

Nusique : Yves Morin

Studio son : Patrice d’Aragon

Direction technique : Nicolas Jalbert

Direction de production : Camille Robillard et Emmanuelle Kirouac-Sanche

Crédit photos: Patrice Lamoureux

Partenaires: Théâtre La Licorne et le Conseil des arts de Montréal